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Woman Shares the Paranormal Experience That Converted Her From a Skeptic to a Believer

This is a story-time worth watching.

This woman shares a story that happened to her right after she moved out of her home and in with her boyfriend. To this day, it still freaks her out to talk about it. The young couple moved into a small adobe that had only been build a few years prior. She claims that within three days of being there she knew there was something wrong. The second night in their new abode she was home alone cooking dinner, waiting for her boyfriend to return from work. She was standing at the stove when she was overpowered with the sensation that somebody was watching her. She remembers her whole body from head to toe being covered in chills. 

The woman says she normally enjoys being home alone and doesn’t tend towards being easily spooked, so this was very out of character for her. A day or two later she had an odd experience with a large glass vase she had placed in a window sill. She was passing by when she watched it fly off the window ledge and shatter so hard it left nicks in the walls where the shards hit it. She stresses the vase didn’t merely fall over but flew with force away from the sill.

A few nights later she woke from a deep sleep to see a floating grey mist at the foot of her bed. She is positive she wasn’t asleep, dreaming, or suffering from sleep paralysis and the mist stayed until she was so frightened she looked away and hid under her covers. Then she found out her boyfriend was having night terrors about a demon that lived in the air vents and was trying to attack him, which creeped her out even further because she hadn’t told him she’d been having dreams about the same demon trying to attack them, although it was more focused on him! 

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