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Girl Believes Her Dead Sister Left a Sign in Her Locker on the First Day of School

This is sweet.
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Losing a loved one can have a profound impact on a person, even years or decades after they are gone. It is comforting in such instances to think that although we cannot see our loved one, they remain with us in some sense. To have a dream about them, or to hear their favorite song on the radio, or receive some other sign that they have not vanished forever. Some people think that their loved ones are sending them sign every time they hear thunder, or see a particular species of bird.

In this young woman’s case, her message from a loved one long passed could be a sign from a spirit, or just a bizarre glitch in the Matrix. You be the judge.

In this video, a young woman shares a story about going to school on the firstly of eighth grade and finding a very special object in her locker, a magnet that had been signed by her sister. Only problem?Her sister was dead and hadn’t been at the school in fourteen years.

The chances seem slim, to say the least. Now, it’s possible that a teacher or school administrator had the magnet on hand and placed it in the locker, knowing that the student would find it. But that also seems a bit odd. If a teacher had somehow managed to hold onto an item belonging to this woman’s sister for fourteen years, and wanted her to have it, would they not have handed it over in person?

In the comments, folks share their own schoolyard messages from friends and family who have passed on.

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