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Woman Is Convinced Her Deceased Sister Still Pranks Her From Beyond The Grave

That sisterly bond isn’t so easily broken…

It’s a pretty thought to believe that our loved ones are looking out for us, long after they have left this Earth. I may not want my great-aunt to know how her favorite upholstered chair has now become the afternoon napping spot of my cat, but she’d still make an excellent guardian angel. For this woman, however, her late sister’s spiritual visits are less angelic, and more prank-like.


In the video, a woman tells a story about a time that she believes her deceased sister dropped in for a visit. She was making her mother something healthy to eat and called to her from the bottom of the stairs. When her mother came out, the lights on the stairs began to flicker. Her mother asked, aloud, that if it was indeed the sister, to flash the lights three times. The lights flashed thrice, confirming it for mother and daughter.

As pranks go, this is a pretty innocuous one. After all, some ghosts have been known to break things or let the water run.

The woman says that she doesn’t get a lot of spiritual communications from her sister, so this was an especially unusual circumstances. Maybe the ghost, too, wanted to make sure that her mother ate her vegetables.

For those who have experienced the unexpected loss of a loved one, the experience of receiving a sign or a visitation from their spirit can bring a great deal of peace and closure. For this mother and daughter, it’s nice to get any kind of indication from their loved one that she’s still watching out for them.