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Witch Has Simplest Hack for Making Sigil Spells Easier

She’s practical and magical.

A sigil is a symbol that has special significance and is used to focus the subconscious mind. This witch got tired of hand drawing sigils every time she wanted to do a spell and decided to streamline the process. 


She scanned four sigils she uses regularly and used a computer to print them out on sticker paper, and then organized them in some cute little glass jars. Many Neo-witches have embraced technology to enhance and facilitate spell work, such as using computers to create magical sigils. These new sigils are composed of various punctuation and other digital symbols and rearranged into meaningful spiritual patterns resembling the historical sigils of the past.

 While there are some standardized sigils, many prefer personalizing their own. This process involves distilling your desired outcome into base symbols to represent your will. This can be done by writing out your mission statement, crossing out all the vowels and repeated consonants, and then manipulating the remaining letters into connected symbols. 

Personal sigils and other spells are often kept in a Book of Shadows, collecting them together for the witch’s reference. These magical journals also contain writing, images, and notes from reading the works of others, like a scrapbook of mystical things.

 For those wishing to experiment with sigil creation the good news is there is no wrong way to do it!