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Woman Convinced She Transferred to a Parallel Universe After Dying in Her Shower

Or maybe it was just a very prophetic dream?

Some people believe in parallel universes, an endless array of realities stacked up on each other, some with only slight differences between them. It’s possible that we are moving between these realities all the time and have no idea. Others swear they are now trapped in realities that are not their own — you know, t he kind that spell Berenstain bears a different way than usual—with no idea of how to return. This woman believes that she, too, has come from a parallel dimension. One in which she died.


In the story, a woman claims that she slipped in the shower and died. “But here's the thing,” she adds. “At the moment of ‘impact,’ I woke up in a start, back in my bed. I know it sounds stupid and cheesy, like something from a dumb Netflix show, but there's literally no other way to describe what happened.”

The woman goes on to explain that what happened afterwards convinced her that the experience was far more than a dream, as she proceeded to relive the exact same sequence of events that had happened before she “died n the other timeline.” She got a text from a friend she was going to a party with later, then her little brother came into her room to ask her for a ride, and then, as she went into her shower, she discovered that the anti-slip mat had been moved, which is what caused her to fall.

Even if she had not been transferred to another timeline, then the only explanation is that she had a prophetic dream, warning her of the imminent danger should she get in the shower without checking the mat.