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Woman Hilariously Debunks Strange Creature Seen in Water

This might be your new favorite game.

Is there a shark in Newton Lake, Illinois? This woman debunks a man’s footage with a great new game. The footage is dated November 11, 2022 and contains warning text that states it is a power plant lake and to be careful when fishing because it contains mutated bull sharks. Behind the text a small dark speck is seen moving through the water that could resemble a dorsal fin. The woman interjects and puts on a gameshow host voice and welcomes everyone to her new game, Is It a Deer?  

The woman goes on to show photos of deer swimming that demonstrate how their head above the water could create the dorsal fin effect from a distance. Could deer be responsible for other lake monster sightings? As it turns out, maybe! Deer are excellent swimmers capable of traveling many miles of water before needing a break, and are occasionally found quite far from land. The “shark” in the video is clearly headed toward land which lends credence to it being a deer out for a jaunty little afternoon swim. 

Some who spot swimming deer find the sight so odd they blame the not-deer, a strange and disturbing creature of Appalachian legend that isn’t quite a deer and terrifies those who stumble across one in the night.  

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