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Woman Tells Intriguing Story of Time She and Boyfriend Shared Dream

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The world of dreams is widely traveled, but little understood. Many say dreams are nothing more than random neuron firings in a restful mind. Others claim that your subconscious is sending you messages in your sleep, working out problems that you are too busy to contemplate while awake. But the most intriguing notion about dreams may be that they are portals to another realm, where one might glimpse the past, the future, or another world entirely.

This woman had an interesting dream experience, in which and her boyfriend found themselves inhabitants of the same subconscious world. Was it a psychic connection or a glitch in the simulation? Read on to learn more.

In this video, a woman claims she dreamed her boyfriend’s leg was hurt. She woke up, and in her panic, woke him up too to ask him about his leg. That’s when they discovered that he, too, has been dreaming about a coworker hurting his leg.

In the comments, people share their own bizarre, dream-sharing experiences. One woman says her husband dreamed he was swimming in the ocean, while she dreamed she was looking out of a plane while her husband swam in the ocean.

Is there something about the proximity to each other while sleeping that gives people shared dreams? Some unknown mechanism by which there is literally a collective unconscious?Are we all dreaming on the same server in a Matrix-like simulation?

And will we ever really know?

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