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Witch Shares Perfect Explanation of How to Get Started Doing Shadow Work

Baby witches: listen up.

Shadow selves are a Jungian concept referring to the parts of our psyche that we try to repress and hide. According to this brief system, it is only by confronting these darker aspects of our personality that we can integrate not only their trauma but also their power and become complete people.

This concept is popular in the spiritual community, although it can be controversial. At its most harmless, talking about things that are troubling you or bad experiences from your past is the basis of much psychological therapy, even without the creepy terminology.

So what is shadow work. Well, this TikToker has one way of looking at it. 


The video is set up as a conversation with herself, which mirrors the process itself. The conversation goes something like this:

“I keep hearing you and every other witch talk about shadow work. What the f___ is that?” she asks a version of herself.

“You’re going to play the ‘Why’ game like you did as a little girl,” she tells herself. “Ask yourself why you are having [a feeling] and keep answering ‘why’ to every answer until you get to the root of the problem.”

She goes on to explain, “You still have emotions too big for your body because our bodies are really small and our souls are really big.”

Then, she begins to play. Every defensive answer she has for why she shouldn’t play the “Why” game is answered with a “why” until she reveals some childhood trauma.

Sounds like some good self-therapy to me.