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Man Claims He Can Move Objects Through Shadow Work and His Proof Is Pretty Convincing

Kind of makes you look at Peter Pan in a whole new light.

When most spiritual practitioners refer to shadow work, they are talking about the process of engaging and integrating with parts of yourself that you are not proud of, that you try to hide. But this guy means something completely different. When this fellow works with his shadow, he literally works…with his shadow!


In the video, the man demonstrates how with practice, meditation, and determination, he has seemingly been able to manipulate his shadow to move things in the physical world. The caption is filled with the usual New Age terminology like “fractional frequencies” and “the three master elements” of the physical, imaginary, and metaphysical. As is usual with TikTok gurus, this stuff is not really described. According to the video, however, with practice, you can bring these fractional frequencies into harmonic unity and use it to you know, push spoons around.

But the results are fun to watch. After balancing a variety of small objects (a pencil, a nail, a spoon) on an upturned shot glass, he appears to be rotating them merely by pushing or pulling on their shadow with his own!

People in the comments are dying to know how he did it. Magnets? A fan? Trick photography? Or genuine telekinesis?

Others are claiming they too can work this interesting shadow magic. “I used to swear that I could do this as a child, and now I’m thinking I really did,” says one. “A family member of mine used to project his shadow across town to check on us. We would see it on the walls of rooms he wasn’t in,” claims another.

BRB, off to give this a whirl.