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Texas House For Sale Complete with "Shadow People"

Well, at least they're disclosing it.
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“Shadow people” are a phenomenon of great interest to those in the paranormal community. They aren’t ghosts, exactly, but rather exactly what the name implies, disembodied, humanoid shadows that do not seem to be attached to actual people. Throughout history, cultures have given these being different names — the djinn of the Middle East, or the Nalusa Chito of the Choctaw. Others believe they appear as a portent of someone performing evil magic on you. People describe them appearing in the edges or your vision, accompanied by a feeling of utter dread. Lately, some have wondered if these creatures are inter-dimensional entities, time travelers, or even aliens.

A recent house listing in Texas has viewers flummoxed, as the house seems to be filled with these mysterious humanoid shadows. 


In the listing, every single room appears to have shadows moving around it. Viewers are, in a word, amused.

“Oh! This is where my sleep paralysis demons hang out during the day! Mystery solved,” says one commenter.

“Can I visit first to make sure my shadow people get along with their shadow people?” asks another. “Also how do I introduce shadow people to each other? Do I shut one set in the bathroom and let them sniff each other through the door?”

Others point out that of course these aren’t really photographs of shadow people, but rather, a lazy real estate listing in which they just took random family photos set in the house and photoshopped out the people in the pictures. If you look on the Zillow listing, these mysterious photos have since been deleted, hopefully to be replaced with more professionally staged shots.