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Man Reenacts Terrifying Moment With Monstrous "Shadow Mom"

This one's creepy...
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“Shadow people” are a phenomenon of great interest to those in the paranormal community. They aren’t ghosts, exactly, but rather exactly what the name implies, disembodied, humanoid shadows that do not seem to be attached to actual people. Some believe they appear as a portent of someone performing evil magic on you. People describe them appearing in the edges or your vision, accompanied by a feeling of utter dread. Lately, some have wondered if these creatures are inter-dimensional entities, time travelers, or even aliens.

This man vividly remembers an interaction he had with one of these terrifying creatures in his childhood, and thanks to the magic of TikTok, he can now terrify the rest of us with a reenactment.

In this video, a man explains in great detail the creepiest thing that ever happened to him as a youth. He says one night he woke up and went into the hallway outside his bedroom. There, he explains, he saw his mother standing still in the hall, he head hanging down at an odd angle. He says he was certain it was her, as she was framed by the very specific light that came in from the street lamp outside through her stained glass bedroom windows.

He called to her but she did not respond, at which point he thought she might be sleepwalking. Then, the figure began to come toward him, and a sense of dread overcame him that this was not actually his mother.

Scared, he flicked on the light, and saw that there was nothing there at all. Even stranger, her bedroom door was closed, so what was the strange light he’d assumed was the many-hued shade from his window?

The best part of this video is the amazing detail and the spooky reenactment. Someone get this guy a Hollywood deal.

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