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Woman Sees Shadow Man Pacing Non-Stop In Front of Her Home

When she tries to confront him, there's no one there!

There are messy neighbors, noisy neighbors, snooping neighbors… but the worst kind of neighbors have got to be the ones who manage to bother you without really being there. Unfortunately, that is exactly the kind that the woman in this video is dealing with—and I’m going to warn you right up front: you may not want to watch this late at night.


In the video, this woman delivers the latest report on a phenomenon she’s been noticing for days in the churchyard across the street from her house. Over in the wilderness beyond the church, there’s a swampy, wooded area where a shadowy figure has been pacing back and forth, all day, every day.

It gets worse. Due to the distance, the woman can’t see the figure clearly, but when she and her husband cross the street to investigate, they found nothing. Nothing that is, but a loud, groaning scream telling them to “Goooo!”

Yes, they ran.

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The saga continues on this woman’s TikTok and even, briefly, on a YouTube channel before abruptly ending due to a family emergency. In other videos, she explains the walking must continue at night too, as something out in the brush scares her dog in the evenings.

Some viewers thought it might be person with a mental illness due to the compulsive, repetitive behavior, but that would not explain why there was no sign of him having been there or trace of his constant walking whenever people came close. Calls to the police were similarly unfruitful, as the cops couldn’t find anything when they visited the site either.

But the shadow man kept pacing. And pacing. And pacing.

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