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Canadian Woman Spots Shadow Through Window Of An Abandoned House and Things Get Creepy, Fast

Viewers of this video have some wild theories.

Most of us have had the experience of scaring ourselves. Maybe we watched horror movies too late at night, or scrolled through the scary section of YouTube or TikTok. Or maybe we’ve just seen so many weird things around our house and property that every shadow makes us jump.

That seems to be what is going on in these videos. A Canadian TikToker documenting the strange things going on in her house has gotten so spooked that even the sound of a dog barking in her neighborhood is enough to make her jump. In the video below, She goes outside in the snow to investigate a shadow her mother reports seeing in the abandoned house next door. The video is set to scary music and features a lot of gasps and jerky camera movement, but does it capture a ghost?


After viewers said they didn’t see anything in the initial video, she posted another, slowed-down version. And that’s when things started to get really wild. Are there shadows moving in the window of this abandoned house, or are they just reflections in the pane of glass, reflections that shift as she swings her camera around?

I saw the latter, but in the comments, folks report everything from a shadowy child moving across the lower side of the window to a “white figure with its head in it hands, leaning over a table.”

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Wait, what?

The term pareidolia refers to the tendency in the human brain to create visual patterns out of random arrangements. When you see a figure in the clouds or a face in the grill and headlights of a car, you can thank your pattern-searching brain. When someone looks t the interplays of shadows in the reflection of a dark window and sees a variety of figures it’s not a signal, it’s just your mind making sense out of noise. 

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