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Shadow Figures Are Terrorizing English Family In Their House

This is creepy.

Of all the paranormal phenomena, the most inexplicable might be the appearance of shadow people. These beings are shadows that appear out of nowhere, with no one and nothing around to cast them. Paranormal researchers have a whole host of theories as to what these beings might be: ghosts, guardian spirits, phase-slip creatures from another dimension, or even demons.

The entity that lurks in this English family’s home seems to be on the demonic side—or at least mischievous.


This family has been documenting the shadow creature they say haunts their home on their TikTok page. Like many pages of this nature, they have a host of paranormal videos, a few which have gone extremely viral, racking up hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of views, especially when one takes into account how often they are reposted.

In this video, which is taken outside their house, you can see shadowy, hooded figures popping up and moving around in the window of their house. Other videos on their TikTok page show similar-looking entities fleeing across doorways or lurking in shadows.

Skeptics say that accounts such as this are for entertainment purposes only, that anyone can dress up in a black sheet and pop out of windows and doors to make a spooky video. And this is also true. The most viral video on their page concerns an invisible creature choking a teenage boy in the home.

If this is fake, A+ for effort. If this isn’t, it’s truly terrifying.