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Man Screams at "Shadow Man" To Leave His Home

He's standing his ground.

Spend any time looking at ghost videos or watching horror movies and you might think the problem of a haunted houses is intractable. According to the rules set forth in films like The Conjuring and its ilk, there are some houses that just have evil spirits in them, and the only option is to move, burn it, salt the Earth, etc. In fact, to this day the owners of “The Conjuring House” have made an entire industry out of exploiting the evil entity they claim resides within.

But what if there’s another option? What if you can just yell at the spirit to get out?


In this video, a man, disturbed by the sounds he’s hearing downstairs in his house, decides to confront the “demons” head on. He ventures into the downstairs of his house, mystifyingly choosing not to turn on any lights, and sure enough, there is a large, shadowy figure lurking silently in one of the rooms.

“Aww, come on guys,” he whines, the way most of us do when our cats get the roomies at three a.m. “Leave me the f___ alone!”

Apparently, all this man has been trying to do is go to sleep, and he’s got giant shadowy demonic figures sneaking around his home and turning on his TV when he’s not looking.

“That thing is evil,” he goes on. “And it’s walking right towards me!”

Predictably, the video cuts right then. Because there’s nothing that these Ghostly content providers like more than a bit of suspense.