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Woman Captures Mysterious Shadowy Figure In Broad Daylight But There’s No One There

We definitely see the shadow, but where’s the person it belongs to?

Of all the paranormal phenomena, the most inexplicable might be the appearance of shadow people. These beings are shadows that appear out of nowhere, with no one and nothing around to cast them. Paranormal researchers have a whole host of theories as to what these beings might be: ghosts, guardian spirits, phase-slip creatures from another dimension, or even demons. 

In this video, a woman catches sight of an unexpected—and inexplicable—shadow figure.


This woman is shocked by the appearance of a humanoid shadow being cast on the wall of a building across the street from her home. The grass and street in front of this shadow are empty, and shiny brightly in the sun, so nothing appears to be casting this shape, nor is it the top of a light pole shadow stretching across the lawn. She does not seem to have noticed it before, making it unlikely to be a daily phenomenon, nor a “painting” on the building’s wall, as some suggest.

 Unlike other appearance of potential shadow creatures, this apparition is stationary, which does rather point to the more prosaic explanations for the phenomena that her critics put forth in the comments section of the video. For instance, if there is a distant street lamp pole projecting a shadow onto the lawn, the reason it is not visible on the lawn right in front of the wall might be due to the shape of the overgrown blades of grass. Light refraction can work in odd ways.

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I for one would be much happier to know that it’s only a trick of the light, or perhaps an unexpected visit from Peter Pan. 

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