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People Are Convinced The World Is Going to End On September 24

Somehow The Simpsons are involved?
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Predictions and conspiracy theories have become big business on social media these days. Forget Nostradamus, some reports claim as many as one in five Americans believe in the absolute nonsense of the online QAnon conspiracy theories, a Frankenstein monster of discredited ideas that include everything from that Trump is still secretly the president to JFK Jr. is still alive to there is a cabal of rich celebrities drinking an imaginary elixir made from the blood of slaughtered children.

The most recent conspiracy theory to go viral is that the world will end on September 24 of this year. And the origin for this one is none other than the beloved animated television show The Simpsons.


The Simpsons is known for having eerily accurate predictions about the future, everything from future skyscrapers in London to the Trump presidency. In this ridiculous theory, the Simpsons episode 9.24 posits “10 days of darkness” and the end of the world.

Combine that with a speech mistake a German legislator made when discussing the date of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and saying that the world “will remember September 24” and the recent solar flare activity, and people on the internet (including, ugh, QAnon) are going wild.

Yes, solar flares have been known to interrupt radio and cell phone operations, and a super powerful one might even disrupt power grids, but these tend to be temporary problems and will not cause “an apocalypse.”

Bottom line: don’t get your news from yellow cartoon characters. Or QAnon.