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Hawaiian "High Seer" Claims He Can Sense Tumors in the Body...and Maybe You Can, Too

Pay attention to what your senses are telling you...
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Psychic and TikTok sensation Kimo Kepano, known as The Lightseer, is an actor and intuitive, and a joy to watch work on social media. He brings an infectious energy and—for lack of abetter term—lightness to all his videos, many of which center on analyzing and interpreting the viral spooky videos that proliferate on TikTok with great heart and humor. He says his work is part of a lineage of traditional Hawaiian seers, and seeks to push back against the idea that spirit energies necessarily a scary or adversarial thing.

In this video, he explains how his intuitive gifts have allowed him to sense a person’s diseases, and how you, too might be able to detect them, even if you don’t know what it is you are noticing.

The first step to trusting your senses is being open to them. Everyone’s body is different and responds to inputs in different ways. If you are interacting with someone who has anxiety about a medical diagnosis, it stands to reason that you can feel that energy and your body will respond to it. It’s important, Kepano says, not to let your brain shut down that input but instead be open to analyzing and interpreting what it means, no matter what sense it comes from.

For Kepano, “tumors smell like ozone to me” and he also says that the energy he can visualize from people sometimes sits in concentrated areas around a person.

This isn’t as outlandish as it may sound. Dogs have also been trained to sniff out tumors and other illnesses. Since tumors release volatile organic compounds that can be detected in urine, sweat, and the breath, there may be something going on that our senses detect even though our rational brain tries to say it’s impossible.

For Kepano, trusting all your senses is key to unlocking a higher sight.

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