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Psychic Explains What Happened After Ghosts Realized She Could See Them

Makes sense!
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The 1999 movie The Sixth Sense is about a young boy who can see ghosts. This is a very disturbing experience for him as the ghosts are often in a traumatized state. The do not, famously, realize that they are dead and are constantly bothering him because he is the only one who can sense their existence, and, possibly, help them move on from the mortal plane.

Most self-declared psychics and spirit mediums have similar stories about coming to grips with their unusual abilities. They talk about being able to see spirits from a young age. If they are fortunate have supportive family or mentors (Bruce Willis or otherwise) they can learn to integrate their abilities with day to day life, and find a way to either help the sprits they see, or tell them they are barking up the wrong tree.

In this humorous video, a TikTok psychic create an amusing reenactment of her experience whenever the spirits she encounters realize that she can see them just fine. In the clip, a “ghost” knocks on the wall in a classic haunting maneuver. When the woman explains to the ghost that she can see them, they are first surprised, then elated, and then the ghost rushes to tell its legion of undead friends that they’ve found a spirit medium. The other “ghosts” (using a kaleidoscope filter effect) smile in eerie unison.

Being a psychic, apparently, is all about setting good boundaries with your ghostly clients.

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