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People Believe Sedona, Arizona Is Secretly the “Real” Egypt

First of all, no.

We can’t believe we have to explain that Egypt is, in fact, in Africa and not somehow in the United States but bafflingly, it appears we do. This woman recently moved to Arizona and visited the famous New Age hotspot of spiritual activity for “proof” of this bizarre conspiracy theory. She believes Sedona and the Grand Canyon have artifacts that predate what’s been discovered in the place the rest of us call Egypt. She claims to have taken the official tour and witnessed these "relics" with her own eyes and shows us the book as proof.  

The woman pages through the book which shows different rock formations from the area from angles that let them loosely compare to some ancient Egyptian depictions of gods such as Osiris - which is labeled incorrectly on the pages as “Osirus”.  

She is very insistent that the red rock line shown on the Sedona rock formations indicates that it used to be under water, and seems to take that as some sort of further proof it is Egypt. The unique and distinctly red rocks of the region are a sandstone with a high content of hematite which oxidizes as a rust color. It is also not contested that the Grand Canyon was created by water as it still has a large river present, so that seems a very odd argument to make.

She continues to show images of rock formations that she refers to as “statutes” and says it is undeniable that they are identical to what is found in the place the rest of us know as Egypt, however it is quite deniable and the rocks look like rock formations. She claims this is the official book they were given from the tour.

It remains unclear why water or artifacts that predate Egyptian discoveries would prove anything other than Native American culture was erased during colonization and that Arizona used to have a different landscape. Any artifacts of ancient civilizations discovered in the region would be from ancient Native Americans and it seems attributing finds to Egypt would be further discrediting the rich history of the land that existed well before Europeans wandered over. 

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