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Sedona Area Hiker Sees Strange Creature in Cave

Is it an alien?
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The whole area around Sedona, Arizona is filled with mystical energy. Some believe that this is due to a so-called “vortex” (or maybe vortices) of spiritual power in the town. Others claim that this land has long been sacred to the area’s Native population, and still others report UFO sightings and say the metaphysical energy and spiritual significance has to do with inter dimensional beings.

Visitors to Sedona will be stunned by the gorgeous scenery and enchanted by the red rocks and sunsets, whether or not they notice any spiritual vortices, or spirits. But for this hiker, the theories of strange beings roaming the rocks and hills in this Arizona town are far more than rumor—he says he caught one on video.


In these videos, as well as several others on the page, a hiker is shown approaching a small cave or crack in the rocks. He started as a figure seems to emerge from the cave to stare at him. Unfortunately, the video itself does not have a clear image of whatever the creature inside the cave was, as it was taken from behind the man and at a distance.

But he knows exactly what he saw. “You can hear the fear in my voice,” he says, in one reaction video. In another, he attempts to describe the “alien” he knows he saw, saying it had a big head, huge eyes, no visible mouth, and swirled markings or carvings all over its skin.

Viewers of these videos say it looks like other descriptions of aliens they’ve heard of in the area, or even depictions of local Native American spirits. Is there something to all these rumors of otherworldly beings in Sedona, and did this man catch a glimpse?