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Security Guard Hears Eerie Laughter Echoing Throughout the Property in Middle of Night

Get out of there!
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The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale “The Story of a Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Fear” is not as well known as tales like Snow White or Cinderella, but it tells a very interesting story about a person who does not get scared, and is part of a tradition of folktales that cover a similar topic, including stories from the Middle East and even one of the Arthurian legends of Sir Lancelot.

But it tells a story that many will find familiar. There are those who have a different relationship with fear. They don’t get scared by the kind of things that freak others out, be it dark places, dead thing, heights, or even bugs. They find them normal, calming, or even thrilling. Luckily, there are many ob for folks like that, from mortician to entomologist to nighttime security guard.

Maybe this nighttime security guard Neds to learn not to let the spooky stuff bother him. This video is captioned “On tonight’s episode of why I hate my night shift.” The clip pans across a dark, empty shopping mall, while eerie whoops and laughter echo in the distance.

Is it a bit of Halloween decor acting up? The kiddie rides that may be programmed to play “playful” sounds every once in a while, even if the mall is closed?

Unclear. In the comments, other nighttime security guards change their own eerie stories, about footsteps on empty stairwells or strange shadows with nothing to cast them. “Let’s just say I know why turnover is so high,” one said.

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