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Security Camera Catches Orbs Zipping All Over Rooftop Bar

We’d never show up to work again!

For hundreds of years, Americans have been traveling to Hot Springs, Arkansas to partake of the supposedly healing waters and geothermal pools bubbling out of the mountainside. When Civil War veteran Samuel Fordyce visited, desperate to ease the suffering of lingering wounds from the war, he was so impressed by the power of the springs that he moved his entire family to the area and spent the rest of his life developing and promoting its miraculous healing abilities. Even today, many of the old bathhouses and facilities remain in this charming resort town, a testament to the potent energies of this natural wonder. 

Is it any wonder then, that the town is also home to many restless spirits? In this video, an overnight guard is amazed when her camera shows her an image of the type of intruder who isn’t stopped by a locked door.



Can you imagine being this guard? At first you catch light and movement on the screen, and think there is some kind of break-in. But there’s no thief on your rooftop deck, just a glowing orb of light. In the video, this strange orb meanders around the deck, trailing energy behind it, like the ghostly apparition of a customer who wonders where the bartender went. 

The apparition appears to be harmless, if a bit sad, as if it is lost or confused. Maybe it’s looking for a way off the roof and back down into the baths, hoping to finally partake of the healing energies of the hot springs that it was denied in life.