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New Homeowner Found Diary Wedged Into a Beam In Her Attics and That’s Not Even the Creepiest Part

This is just… spooky.

On one hand, I think it would be super convenient for a psychic to tell me what and where I have hidden things in my house. I lose things all the time, and it would be great to know that someone else knows where they might be. On the other hand, somethings that are hidden deserve to stay that way, which may be the case for this antique diary a psychic dreamed was wedged into the attic beams of her new home. 


In the first video, TikToker Heather Skelter follows a tip from a follower to find a diary with gold lettering in it hidden away in her attic. That is a disturbingly specific dream, and the fact that it panned out is quite surprising. The diary is from 1879, and covers the period from February to May. In addition to the entries, Skelter finds a key hidden in the back pages, though she admits it’s probably for a cabinet that no longer exists in the house.

In the second video, she has managed to decipher enough of the entries to discern that the diary once belonged to a medical practitioner, who filled its pages with discussions of his daily rounds visiting the sick in his town, as well as the difficulties of procuring drugs for his patients. Some entries are quite graphic in their description of his treatments and surgeries, and then there’s this mysterious one: “I called on Isaac and asked him if he wanted to dispose of Billy. He said not just now but I might have the use of him this summer.”

Horse or mule that the doctor could ride to appointments? Errand boy who needs a summer job? Possible corpse for an autopsy? You be the judge. 

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