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Rainbow Orbs Looks Like Two Suns Are Blazing In the Sky

There is still only one sun in our solar system.

A strange sight was spotted in the sky of Bridgeport, West Virginia that a man claimed seemed like two suns were in the sky. He points the camera at the sun and then pans over to show what he describes as a sun that looked like a rainbow. He says he never saw anything like it before and it hasn’t rained or anything to cause a rainbow to appear.  

Many commenters point to the atmospheric optical phenomenon known as a “sun dog”, which usually appear as mock suns on either side of the real sun due to reflection of ice crystals in the atmosphere. As rainbows are also caused by refraction of light from atmospheric moisture, it could also be a fairly average rainbow that doesn’t have enough ice crystals to form a full bowing arch as typically seen.

While two suns are associated with doom, destruction, and a coming apocolypse there is little worry to be found in a rainbow. These colorful light displays are believed in Irish culture to lead to a leprechaun’s golden treasure. It is told in folklore that a mortal who succeeds in capturing a leprechaun will be offered great wealth in exchange for their freedom, however those who try such a fantastic feat are often said to only get fool’s gold for the trade and it will turn to leaves and dust by the next day.  

Some say that means you shouldn’t try to catch a leprechaun, but maybe just spend your winnings really quickly! 

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