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What’s Really in the Woods of South Carolina?

Apparently, too many horrors to name...

Every state has its fair share of supernatural happenings, but it seems like South Carolina, with its historical horror, impassable swamps ,and foothold in Appalachia has more than its fair share of the otherworldly pie. This video breaks down some of the entities that have been known to haunt the region. 


I’m not sure if this video is supposed to be the start of a series, as it veers wildly between naming creatures out of folklore like the hideous, skinless Boo Hag, which acts like a Night Mare or Incubus, and talking about very specific hauntings, the kind that appear under one tree on or one road.

In the comments section, South Carolinians pour in to describe their own brushes with the paranormal, which largely include spirit lights in the coastal beaches like the one described in the video. “It’s super active in the low country,” one insists. “Ask any older person.” “Has anyone been to Beaufort? The energy here is intense!” says another. And then there’s this warning: “Some we don’t even call by name. All I can tell you is keep a broom over your front door.”

Others insist that this paranormal investigator has it all wrong. “I grew up in the South Carolina woods my whole life. It’s the most beautiful, quiet and peaceful experience you could ever have,” one argues, appalled that people could possibly be denigrating her beautiful state.

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But whether they believe the ghosts are there or not, their love for this land and its long, bloody history surely shines through. 

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