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Beachcombers Find Giant, Scaly Creature Washed Up on Shore

What is it?
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Sometimes, it can be hard to identify things that wash up on shore. This is especially true for deep-sea creatures, whose bodies are generally optimized for low-light and high-pressure conditions, not to mention the marine environment. Ashore they tend to look like deflated balloons with odd tentacles pointing out. Speaking of tentacles, the limbs of giant sea squids were founds for years before the scientific community at large was ready to admit that these former cryptids were in fact quite real. Other objects are hard to identify due to their various states of decay or the way they may be combined with other marine debris.

These beachcombers found a large, mysterious scaly creature on the shore recently. But is it really an animal?

In the video, the man pokes at the green thing tentatively with a stick, clearly fearing to get too close in case it is a giant crocodile or sea serpent. And I have to say, it really does appear quite real. From this angle, the object looks like the back of a crocodile, covered in diamond-shaped scales. “It was kind of soft,” the caption reads.

Soft item, whitish (beneath the algae or mold covering it) and crisscrossed with diamond-shaped indentations… maybe this isn’t an animal at all. Maybe it’s just a mattress.

“Pretty sure that’s a deep sea Serta,” quips one person in the comments.

Still, I probably would have wondered, too. I don’t blame this man for his trepidation.

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