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Man Riding Bike Trails Thinks He Found a Sasquatch Shelter

Bigfoot or teenagers? You be the judge.

What would you think if you stumbled upon a rudimentary wooden structure deep in the woods? This man was out enjoying a casual ride on his bicycle when he noticed something strange off the path, so he stopped to investigate. What he found was an unusual lean-to structure built from tree branches that he believes may be home to a bigfoot. Several feet away from the shelter there appears to be visual remains of a fire pit with a large stone that was likely used to extinguish the fire when it was no longer needed.  

Many debate whether or not sasquatch is a tool-wielding primate or if they have somehow managed to survive without that hallmark of human achievement. Primitive structures such as this lean-to would barely provide any cover or protection from the elements, or from predators. It’s also stands out as a non-natural feature of the land which is counterintuitive to what one would expect to find in a species that has remained hidden for so long. 

Comparatively, one might expect sasquatch to build nests similarly to hominid apes which construct nests for both diurnal and nocturnal use out of convenient arboreal branches. Neither old world nor new world monkeys create nests, as this advanced behavior is reserved for the the great ape family of hominids. Next to humans, orangutans build the most complex of these tree nests and are noted for including things such as “pillows” and “blankets” created from leafy branches.

Would bigfoot build human like structures on the ground or camouflaged tree nests more like gorillas and other large apes? 

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