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Sasquatch Appears to Have Cloaking Abilities in This Unsettling Video

This isn't the first time people have reported this phenomenon.
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There have been several stories recently of transparent beings lurking in the woods. A group of hikers in California were recently lured off the trail and “hunted” for hours by something they could not see. Those who didn’t immediately liken the entire incident to something out of the Predator series of films began sharing their own encounters with these shimmering translucent entities, who some on the internet are calling “glimmer men.” 

Are they extraterrestrials? Spies with superior technology? Forest spirits? There are some who believe the reason Bigfoot is so elusive and hard to capture is because the mysterious cryptic also has these cloaking abilities. And if so, this odd video may have caught one in the act.

In the video, a large, woolly shape seems to shimmer in and out of existence in the forest as the person who took the video tries to draw the outline of what he saw in person. The video, like so many Bigfoot videos, is inconclusive. Could be a Sasquatch in the forest. Could be someone playing with their new green screen suit or special effects filter on heir video editing software.

But a lot of people are reporting these same kinds of sightings, and they all seem to honestly believe that they are seeing something—or not seeing it, as the case may be.

Is this some kind of new cloaking technology the military is testing under our very nose, or are we finally getting a sense of what these “cryptids” like Bigfoot really are, and what they might be capable of?

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