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Woman Claims Lemon and Salt Is ‘Changing Her Life” In an Unexpected Way

This is a witchy remedy for anyone dealing with a stroke of hard luck or tough feelings.

My favorite way to use lemon and sea salt is to flavor a roast chicken, but did you know that lemon and salt are also powerful ingredients for manifesting protection and cleansing? After watching the following video and reading the hundreds of enthusiastic comments, I may skip the roast and try for something a little more supernatural.


In the video, TikTok user @nitakeepingitraw claims that cutting a deep crisscross into a whole lemon then putting it on a plate and filling the cut with sea salt will help banish negativity and cure insomnia. She claims that she has been keeping her concoction on her bedside table, and has been enjoying the best nights of sleep ever since. She also shows a few other places in her house where she’s placed these dishes of salted lemon, including her daughter’s room, to help with behavior issues, and also her dining room table. 

I was skeptical, but there are over a thousand comments on the video from users who claim this methodology works. “Lemon and sea salt drive evil and negativity away,” one enthusiastically agrees. “I’ve been doing this for a month and my panic attacks are gone!” declares another.

Hmm. Maybe there’s something to this. And it certainly couldn’t hurt. The woman explains that this trick is a folk remedy passed down from her ancestors, and that you should toss it and start over if the concoction turns black or gives off some other sign of not being quite right. Which, honestly, kind of goes without saying, doesn’t it? 

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