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Salem Tour Guide Recalls Spooky Encounter at Town’s Oldest Burial Ground

Her guests got a little more than they bargained for.

Life as a tour guide in Salem, Massachusetts has got to be quite the adventure. Even the mainstream history of that town is chock full of witches and evil spirits, and folks coming to visit are more likely to be looking for the spooky stuff than simple stories of maritime imports and hardworking colonists.

For this Salem tour guide, the haunted happenings are her bread and butter, and she regularly shares some the more curious things that have occurred at her work on her TikTok. For instance, the shadow men she and her clients see at the local cemetery.


In this video, the guide is ending her latest tour at the Charter Street Cemetery, which is one of the oldest burial grounds in the town, home to graves belonging to some of the more famous residents of Salem, including two judges who took part in the infamous witch trials. One guest was disappointed to learn that the cemetery was locked every night, as she was hoping to go inside. She grew indignant, though, at the sight of a man still walking the grounds.

“How did that man get in there?” the guest asked.

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The tour guide turned to see what she was talking about, and saw the shadow of a man standing near the center of the grounds. As they watched, he leaned over behind a grave, and vanished!

“I think he lives here,” the guide managed to get out in her surprise.

Viewers left comments concurring that they too had experienced strange things in that cemetery, from feelings of dread to mysterious scratches from nowhere. One person brought up the story of Giles Cory, a colonist who was “pressed” to death in that very cemetery during the witch trials for refusing to offer a plea, and whose ghost might still haunt the grounds. 

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