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Woman Records Voice of Ghost in Salem Village

She's a chatty one...

The creators of GhostTube, a mobile app that claims to help you detect spirit presence in your vicinity, say “GhostTube uses your mobile device's actual sensors to detect fluctuations in magnetic energy, select words from the pre-populated data bank, and track audio recordings during your paranormal investigations.” The idea is that the app might allow spirits to manipulate the electromagnetic fields around the phone in order to, say, pick random words from the app’s dictionary and have a little chat with you.

This, of course, is similar to hacking an AM/FM radio to cycle randomly through the channels and allow the ghosts to manipulate what is being broadcast through the speakers. In other words, it requires a lot of technical know how from the ghosts, and a lotto suspension of disbelief from the listeners.


In this video, a visitors the site of an old house in Salem Village is using this app to “talk” to a spirit she says she found among the ruins. She asks, “Do you like it when people come into your house?” and the app responds: “Living room. Tunnel. Sink. Sister. Guilty.”

Now, fill in a lot of blanks there and you can make up a story. Living room might refer to the fact that this is the ruins of a person’s house. Tunnel and sink could be related to the darkness of the afterlife. And sister and guilty could reference a sister who was perhaps a part of the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

But of course, that takes a lot of filling in the blanks. It is similar to the type of work subjects of so-called psychic cold readings undergo to make sense of the random interjections of people who say they are speaking with the dead. But this interpreter can be found on the App Store.