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Ghost Cat Haunts Historical Hotel in Salem, Mass

Thackery Binx, that you?

Some jobs are just cooler than others. If you work giving ghost tours in super-spooky Salem, Massachusetts, home of early America’s infamous witch trials, you’ve got to have a lot of fascinating work stories. But for the tour guide in this video, sometimes work decides to…follow you home. 


In this video, Salem ghost tour guide Salem MA Haunts tells the story of the ghosts who haunt the Salem Inn. Built in 1834, the inn is said to be home to a spirit named Katherine who is tied to room seventeen, as well as a ghostly feline who likes to rub itself against the ankle of guests in the Inn’s sitting room. Guests who are allergic to cats claim to feel symptoms after the ghost’s visits.

The tour guide says that she told the story once to a skeptic who laughed at the idea of a ghost cat. Jovially, she admitted it might be a stretch, but then, that night at her own home, she felt the unmistakeable sensation of a cat weaving in and out between her ankles. Only….she doesn’t have a cat.

In the comments section, viewers agree that visits from ghostly pets are the best. One, who stayed at the historic Daniels house in Salem, claimed that they felt a ghost cat hop on their bed in the night, and even heard it meow. This admission led others to speculate that maybe ghost cats like to prowl at night, just as living cats do.

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At least the ghost who followed her home is an innocent kitty and not a vengeful spirit. 

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