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Sacred Geometry Apparently Helps You See Beyond the 3rd Dimension

This is some ancient wisdom.
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A stereogram is an optical illusion created out of a two dimensional image that allows you to see a three dimensional one. The stereogram called “the flower of life” is a geometrical shape that dates back thousands of years, and has been inscribed in art and architecture all over the world. Proponents of “sacred geometry” believe that this shape holds within it the very seeds of creation, and that identifying the different forms hidden within this figure can help you see all the wonders of the universe.


The flower of life image appears in ancient temples in Egypt, mosaics in Rome, as well as the Forbidden City in China, Hindu mandalas, and frequently in symbolism undergirding the Jewish practice of Kabbalah. Some historians believe that da Vinci’s famous drawing of the Vitruvian Man was composed, at least in part, based on the flower of life symbol. Many other forms of sacred geometry, such as the so-called “seed of life” and “tree of life” are also contained within this larger pattern, and it is a popular way to focus for guided meditations.

A simple glance at this image reveals circles intersected at their radius by other circles. Sixty-one of these circles makes up the figure. But look closer. What other shapes do you see? Triangles, hexagons, even cubes? Look closer still and you might begin to see the top of a pyramid, or even the fourth-dimensional “hypercube” known as a tesseract.

Those who study this symbol say the possibilities are endless, and that is why the figure was such a source of popularity and mysticism of the ancient philosophers. What can you see in its depths?