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Woman Finds Mysterious Sigils All Over Her New Apartment

There is even piles of salt in windowsills…

When a person moves into a new place, it’s inevitable that they find something the owner has left behind, whether that’s half-filled cans of paint in the garage or an old shoe behind the baseboard. But this new tenant was taken aback when she discovered her new apartment was covered with what looked like magical marks.


In this video, TikToker Alyssa is worried about the symbols she’s seen drawn on the doors and cabinets of her new apartment. She’s even found big salt crystal strewn across the windowsills. Are they witch’s marks? Is her place haunted and was the previous resident involved in a drawn-out battle against the supernatural?

Never fear, Alyssa. Commenters are quick to point out that the spells and sigils she is seeing on the door are likely standard protection spells, the type any magic practitioner would mark their doors with, and are no more worrisome than finding a horseshoe nailed over the threshold. The salt, too, despite its popularity in supernatural movies and TV shows as a more active demon repellent, is also just used as a general purifier. If you wouldn’t be concerned to find an old can of bug spray or air freshener under the sink, then don’t be scared of a handful of salt on the windowsill. Think of it as a spiritual roach trap.

A few commenters even viewed the video as inspirational, saying they were going to go out and ward their own living spaces. And one claimed that they had sigils just like that in the home where they grew up in the Philippines. “The previous tenant was from the Philippines!” Alyssa responded, clearly relieved to know that her new home is safe and sound.  

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