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Rescue Dog Mom Catches Her Pup's Spirit Romping in the Yard

"Proof they never leave us..."

The animal rescue world is full or the sweetest love and the most poignant heartbreak. Anyone who has loved an animal knows how difficult it can be to let one go. After my dog died, I would pray to see her again, even for a moment. This rescue dog mom had that wish come true. 


In this video, TikToker Steph, who posts under the name motherofrescues1228, shares a sweet encounter with the ghost of her beloved Rottweiler, who died three months earlier. After showing viewers how much this pup loved to romp around the yard, she shares images from her security camera, in which a dog-sized brownish blur seems to be galloping around the grass in exactly the same way he used to!

“Proof they never leave us!” She captions the video, and viewers are in agreement, so pleased that she got another chance to see her dog. If you’re in the mood for a good, clean cry, take a gander at some of the viewers who share their own experience with pets from beyond.

“Mine leaves paw prints up the stairs,” one says. “I vacuum and a few days later they are back.”

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“My dog passed away four years ago and I can still feel him laying on me,” claims another.

“Run free, baby boy!” urges one, and another suggests, “Make sure to leave out his favorite treats.”

It’s little wonder that it’s a Rottweiler that this woman caught her camera, as they are known for their unwavering devotion to their people. This loyalty clearly extends beyond the grave. 

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