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Ghost Appears to Move Rocking Chair in 100 Year Old Home in Spine-Tingling Video

It moves on its own, clear as day.

Babysitting took a surprising turn when a ghost joined this aunt and her nephew for SpongeBob night. She was recording a video for her sister of how the evening was going, with the young boy sitting on the floor in front of the tv, when suddenly the rocking chair next to him starts to wobble. The woman immediately points the camera at the chair and there is absolutely nothing around it. The boy also turns around to see what is happening and stares at the chair as the rocking motion increases from invisible forces. The aunt tells him to come over to her immediately and the boy stands up and does as told without hesitation, clearly realizing something is not right. 

The rocking increases and the video cuts off after she reassures her nephew that she is going to call his mom. It would seem this may not be the first unexplained event to occur as the house is over a century old, but the woman says this is the first time it happened while she happened to be recording.

Stories and videos of ghosts watching television are becoming more common, which logically checks out because if you’re going to be hanging around for eternity you may as well keep up with all the excellent programming modern life has to offer. 

Many commenters make the continued accusation that the stunt is being done with an invisible thread, so further ghost hunting equipment might be in order. While there is no definitive way to test for the ghostly remains of spirits haunting a location, it can be convincing to show multiple detection devices indicating paranormal activity.  

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