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Viper Room Employee Claims River Phoenix Haunts the Nightclub Where He Died

She says she's heard his voice.

In 1993, young Hollywood movie star River Phoenix’s life was tragically cut short as he overdosed on drugs at the notorious nightclub The Viper Room. At the time, the club was partly owned by Johnny Depp, and was a haven for celebrities to kick back and party. However, Phoenix’s infamous demise on the street outside the venue has haunted its reputation ever since…and that may not be the only haunting going on there.

In this video, a “ghost tourist” visits the Hollywood club and tries to find out if any remnant remains of its tragic past. 


In the video, she shares a story about touring the Viper Room and meeting an employee named Rita who claims she heard River Phoenix’s voice in the halls of the nightclub. When ghost investigators visited, they were able to capture a recording they said came from him in which he said he was “confused.”

According to some ghost experts, lingering spirits who died of drug overdoses are often confused by their deaths. In this case they claimed they were able to explain to the spirit what had happened to him.

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In the video, the woman says Rita claims she hasn’t seen signs of River Phoenix’s ghost since that instance.

One can only hope that his soul, who was so trouble in life, between his abusive childhood in an infamous cult, the pressure to support his parents and siblings through his acting, and his struggles with addiction, has finally found peace in the beyond. 

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