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Woman Believes She Encountered River Ghost in Finley, Washington

A mysterious explosion of water appears out of nowhere.

It starts with a woman innocently throwing a rock in the river and everything seems normal, and calm. The camera shows the choppy surface of the water for a few moments. Suddenly a pale shape can be seen rising quickly and a huge explosion of water bursts forth from the surface, splashing everywhere. Two women shriek and scramble away from the water while several more bursts of water seem to shoot up mysteriously from the water’s depths.  

The water calms down but still seems to spin eerily in place without any visible sign of cause. The women have no idea what is going on, but the footage circulated social media and resurfaced recently with an explanation - a supernatural explanation anyway. The women were in Finley, Washington where urban legend says there is a ghost of the river.

The legend says a little boy named Adam drowned in the river, and the family was so distraught they would return to the banks of the river to talk with him as if he were still there. They believed his spirit would answer them with loud bursts in the water. After the parents passed away, local residents would continue to visit the banks of the river to experience this strange otherworldly phenomenon. 

Some believe this could be some sort of geothermal activity as it has been regularly occurring for so long, although it is unclear why throwing rocks at it would cause the mysterious bursts of water to appear. Other incidents of strange bubbles or rings rising from below the water have led to things like submerged vehicles releasing air or liquids. 

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