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This is What It Means If You Notice Repeating Numbers

The universe is trying to tell you something important...

Have you ever noticed repeating numbers? These can take the form of seeing pairs or even more sevens, ones, or other digits in a row. These numbers could appear on clocks, on receipts, even on license places. It seems like a magical coincidence, and it is. According to this numerologist on TikTok, repeating numbers are called “angel numbers.”

Angel numbers are nothing more or less than little signals from your guardian angels.


According to this video, everyone has a spirit guardian in the world, and they are trying to get your attention in a variety of ways. Maybe you hear ringing in your ears, or see rainbows….or, maybe you notice these special numbers in your life.

Apparently, that is the universe trying to get your attention and tell you that

“444 all the time… it’s my son in heaven,” says one viewer. Another says that they don’t see repeated numbers, but that 1234 appears often for them. “I see 1111 all the time and when I see it I feel very calm and peaceful like I just took a deep breath,” relates a third.

Of all the numbers that people like noticing, you may note that repeating sixes are not among them, due to the widely-held belief that those numbers in particular have a connection to the demonic. However, in the field of numerology, this is not necessarily so.

In numerology, these repeating numbers do have special significance of their own, and you can read more about it in this article on angel numbers