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Woman Comes to Realization That She and Her Husband May Have Spent Many Lifetimes Together

A true love story if there ever were one...

Sitting down to relax and watching a movie with your spouse is one of the greatest joys of modern living, but this couple had a startling realization about their relationship on just one such evening. They were watching a movie about reincarnation where the main couple would find each other in every single life time. The woman turned to her husband and asked if reincarnation was real if he thought he would find her again. What he said blew her mind and caused a flood of memories to click into a place that finally made sense to her.  

He responded to her with his own question, how did she know he hadn’t already found her over and over again? As soon as he uttered the question, memories came rushing back to her of the first night they met. She had been in a previous relationship for ten years but then her now-husband walked up the stairs, looked her in her eyes, and changed her world. Something about him made her feel immediately different and she knew she had to leave her current relationship.

One week later he took her on a trip to meet his family, and she vividly remembers feeling free for the first time in her whole life. Strangely, even a song titled Free came on the radio during their drive. When they got married, she chose to walk down the aisle to that song because the memory had become so cherished.

She believes all this makes sense if they have found each other in other lives, it explains her feeling of instantly knowing him as soon as their eyes locked and why she has only wanted to be with him from that moment on. She knows it sounds a little wild, but she wants to know if others have had similar experiences. 

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