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"Redneck Occultist" Breaks Down What Really Might be Behind Stories of Demon Possession

That poor kid!
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Throughout history, there have been stories of demon possession. Many people have tried to explain the true causes behind such shocking behaviors— is it intolerance towards neurodivergence, untreated mental illness, poisonings, or even mass hysteria? What counts as “demonic possession” might very much be in the eyes of the culture who witness various behaviors. In his book Unstrange Minds, Roy Richard Grinker relates the story of a young South African couple who were pressured by their family to relinquish their autistic son to a local “witch doctor” to treat for demonic possession. After the traditional faith healer examined the boy, he reported, to the parents’ relief, that the boy was not possessed at all. He was autistic.

In this video, a self-proclaimed “redneck occultist” says the first thing a person looking to heal a supposed case of possession must do is to see if it truly does have a supernatural origin. Sometimes, as in the South African case, people are looking for demons when there’s a very real-world troubles plaguing the victim, and real-world therapies that can help.

The man explains he was called to help a woman in Louisiana whose son was supposedly the victim of a demon. Though the symptoms described —walking up walls, eyes rolling in his head, speaking in “Latin”—sound like something out of a horror movie, when the man was able to lay eyes on the child, he found something far more troubling was the root cause of the behavior.

It turned out that this little seven year old boy had actually gotten into his father’s supply of crystal meth, and was high on the drug. The man determined this through a simple drug test.

Hopefully, this child recovered and was able to find a safer living situation. Because sometimes the demons are very human indeed.

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