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Alabama Woman Captures "Red Orb" UFO on Camera

What is that thing?

The simple definition of a UFO is “unidentified flying object.” It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an alien craft, or even something that is unfathomable to humanity at large. Sometimes, what is unidentified is in the eye of the beholder.

For this Alabama woman, the red orb she filmed in the sky is unidentified, but she hopes it’s aliens!


“What’s up!” she calls to the object. “Come get me!” And, honestly, we might agree that it’s time to get off this planet.

As for the identity of this red orb, UFO enthusiasts know that the objects in question come in several different varieties. There are the classic “flying saucers.” There are the “tic tacs” or oblong craft reported by several military pilots. There are the triangle-shaped UFOs. And then, there are the orbs.

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Orb-style UFOs recently made national news during the Congressional hearings, after a congressman asked for answers on a case from more than fifty years ago, when a “glowing red orb” appeared over a military missile installation in Montana.

This is not likely the same thing, however. If you note the date on the video, it was taken on July fourth, and its “hovering” behavior does not exhibit any signs of the “five observables” about the more mysterious UFOs. (1. Anti-gravity lift. 2. Sudden and instantaneous acceleration. 3. Hypersonic velocities without signatures. 4. Low observability, or “cloaking”. 5. Trans-medium motion.) Most likely, what she’s looking at is a drone that someone sent up to take pictures of Independence Day fireworks. 

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