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Travelers Capture Red, Zooming Red Lights From Plane Window

Certainly looks like one of those "red orbs" Congress was investigating...

UFO experts have categorized five “observable” characteristics exhibited by actually unidentified flying objects: anti-gravity lift (with no means of propulsion), sudden and instantaneous acceleration, hypersonic velocities without sonic booms, cloaking, or trans-medium motion, such as between the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. This unexplained video from an airplane above the Philippines meets several of these criteria, but some skeptics still have issues with it.


In the video, a red, glowing light is seen zooming outside a plane’s window. First it moves left, hovers for a few moments, then quickly zips away and out of sight to the right. Due to this sudden and extraordinarily fast motion, as well as complete lack of indication as to how it is flying or maneuvering in this manner, the person who posted the video thinks it qualifies as a UFO (also sometimes called a UAP, or unidentified aerial phenomenon).

And phenomenon may be the right descriptor of what is happening here, because what is not clear is whether or not this red light is even an “object.” Many viewers of this video don’t think what this person witnessed was a flying craft at all, but rather, just the refraction of light outside the curved acrylic of the plane window.

“Apparently some of you all have no clue about light refraction and how prismatic effects can happen with sunlight and plexiglass,” argues one person in comments.

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“It’s not a reflection!” another (one of many!) claps back. “Some people would see a book fly off a shelf and claim it was the wind.”

Others point out that so-called “red orbs” are a common UFO type and have been sighted on many occasions, and were even discussed in the recent Congressional hearings on UFOs

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