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Phoenix Woman Captures Film of Mysterious Red Lights In the Sky

Are the famous Phoenix Lights back?

The Phoenix lights were a series of mysterious lights seen above Phoenix and, indeed, the entire state of Arizona back in 1997. As thousands of people saw the lights, and the official explanation of, alternately, “difficult-to-see aircraft” combined with “high-altitude flares” did not sound one hundred percent believable, many people still classify the incident as one of the biggest UFO coverups in the country. Experts on the Phoenix Lights are still waiting for a fuller account of what went on that night, hopefully spurred by the new disclosures about UFO activity initiated by the American government. 

 And some are wondering if the Phoenix Lights are back.


In this video, taken in Phoenix on July second, some folks are shocked to see a line of glowing red lights appear to float in the sky in a long line. When the first one appeared, it seemed to fall in a streak across the sky, leading them to think they were seeing a meteor. That is, until the others appeared alongside it in a line. The lights did not move like planes, and were very bright. This video is not the only recording of the mystery. The lights made the local news in Arizona, and initially, they too were mystified by the event. Later, however, they issued a clarification, saying they determined that the aerial spectacle was the result of “pyrotechnic paratroopers” hired for a resort in nearby Scottsdale. Here's a video the All Veterans Group took of the event from the sky.