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This Giant Red Cloud Over Turkey is Freaking People Out

Is it a UFO?
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As the Doomsday Clock moves even closer to midnight, we all have good reasons to be nervous about clouds again. Especially big, oddly shaped clouds that mushroom above us in the sky like some kind of unnatural herald of atomic doom.

Luckily, that’s not exactly what people saw in the sky over Turkey this week, although the giant, red flying saucer of a cloud was no less arresting. We don’t blame anyone who was taken aback by this sight. It would have stopped us in our tracks as well.

This cloud, strange as it looks, is something called a lenticular cloud. It’s called that because they have a “lens” shape. Lenticular clouds are commonly mistaken for UFOs because they look like the stereotypical flying saucer. In this case, the cloud appeared at sunset, and the rays of the setting sun on its underside are responsible for that brilliant, crimson hue. Lenticular clouds often form over hills or mountains, like a little cap, and then maintain their odd, disc-like form as they travel across the land before dissipating like all other clouds.

For other UFO enthusiasts: There are five observations often made of true UFOS (or UAPS): Anti gravity lift, sudden acceleration, silent hypersonic velocities, cloaking, and trans-medium motion. This “UFO” only displayed the “anti gravity” lift, but then again, so do all clouds.

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