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Tips for Reconnecting With Witchcraft for the New Year

You don't have to wait, you can start your resolutions right now.

Get a jumpstart on your new year goals by reconnecting with your craft now. It’s easy to let things slip as days get shorter and life gets busy but making time for your spiritual practice is important and this witch offers some helpful ways to get back into the habit.  

Freshen up your altar. Perhaps it got hidden behind the holiday decorations or dusty from neglect, but now is the time to bring it forward and spice it up again. Changing it around will help it stand out and remind you to take a moment with it.  

Pull a daily tarot card. Many people like to pull one tarot card each day as a shorthand for a glimpse into what the day holds rather than a time consuming full spread. Don’t have a tarot deck? No worries, a regular playing card deck will do in a pinch!  

Walk through some nature. This can be especially frustrating in the cold winter months but it’s important to get a splash of sun on your face and a breeze on your skin throughout the cold season too.

Read some new books on the subject. This is especially nice after returning from the aforementioned walk in the cold. Also great for avoiding that walk in the snow. This is like a two for one tip.

There are lots of other ways to reconnect with your spiritual practices, and you don’t have to wait for a new year’s resolution to get started.

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