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Man Claims to Be Real Life Water Bender

How does he do it?
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Though the “Avatar” franchise everyone is talking about right now is James Cameron’s second entry into his sci-fi world of giant blue alien creatures and the humans who sometimes learn to live inside their skin, there is another franchise that bears the name, one with a massive and loyal fanbase, and a vocabulary all its own. The beloved animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender has spawned a feature film, a comic book series, a bunch of novels, a spin-off, a live-action reboot, and much more. It involves the adventures of a band of rebels, some of whom have extraordinary telekinetic powers over one or more of the four elements, called “bending.” Benders, in the world of the cartoon Avatar can move the elements with a couple of martial arts moves and the powers of their mind.

But is the guy in this video doing it for real?

In this video, a man claims to have telekinetic powers over water. A glass dish filled with water sits on a table. As he passes his hand over it, it shivers, ripples, and seems to form ice crystals, much like the water benders in the Avatar series can do.

But what’s really going on?

Several savvy viewers have taken to the comments to debunk this video, claiming what is really happening is hat he has placed a subwoofer or other strong vibrational device under the table.It will create these standing waves via its vibrations. Then all he has to do is use the magic of TikTok to replace the audio that would be the giveaway on the clip.

So…. Not water bending, but still a fun party trick.

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