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Fisherman Capture Rare Fish That Looks Like a Sea Monster and Growls

Do you know what it is?

Some fishermen got a surprise catch when they reeled in a rare fish with a huge dorsal sail along its eel-like body and a ferocious head like a barracuda. It has fearsomely large teeth and when the men try to remove the hook it lets out a low growl. The men show it off to the camera before releasing it back into the ocean.  

What is this fearsome monster of the deep? It’s actually a specimen known as a lancetfish and while this caught creature seems to only be about the length of the man’s arm they can grow to lengths over six feet. It’s easy to see how rumors of sea monsters could have grown from encounters with large lancet fish in the wild during ocean travels on archaic ships.

Many tales of cryptids have grown out of encounters with real yet bizarre ocean creatures, such as the giant squid which was thought to be the stuff of myth and fairytale until the early aughts when video proof and live specimens finally proved cryptozoologists right about the existence of these majestic and elusive monsters of the deepest oceans. 

Another rare fish commonly thought to be the root of tales of sea serpents is the oarfish, which is the longest bony fish alive with some reports of individuals as huge as fifty feet. These bizarre fish have been described as early as the 1700s but evaded mythical status despite very little proof of them until the late twentieth century. 

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