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Woman Films Rainbow "Wings" in Heaven

Angels are among us.
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Rainbows have long been interpreted as a sign from God. In the Book of Genesis, it is explicitly a mark of a covenant between God and humanity. For others, it symbolized hope in dark times, new beginnings, good things coming, peace and even cooperation between different people. Like other atmospheric phenomenon, it simultaneously has a scientific explanation and does not lose any of its majesty and mystery for having one.

In this case, a woman was lucky enough to capture on video a most unusual type of rainbow, one that looks like a pair of angel’s wings.


What she is most likely looking at is a type of cloud iridescence, which depending on the shape can be known as fire clouds, irisation (after the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow, Iris), or even nacreous clouds. They form when ice crystals within high atmosphere clouds act as tiny prisms, refracting the suns rays into beautiful rainbow iridescence.

And while normal rainbows are regarded as a portent of wonderful things, there is a growing legend around such rainbow clouds that this phenomenon means the opposite. As many in the comment point out, there is a spreading believe on social media that such iridescent clouds mean an earthquake is coming. However, unlike tornadoes, which often form in conditions associated with green clouds and skies, cloud color and formation has no correlation whatsoever with earthquakes.

So feel free to enjoy this spectacular sight, which you can view either as a simple atmospheric wonder or as a sign of hope from far above.